Faiz Creations

OCYRUS – Make Money on Your Phone

We developed the OCYRUS website and app using our skills in web and mobile app development. The app is designed to help users earn extra income in their free time by watching ads, playing games, and searching the internet. To encourage more users to join the platform, We created a coin system that rewards users for inviting their friends to download the app. We also implemented a double earnings feature to incentivize users to watch more ads. On the website, We used modern design techniques and technologies to create a sleek and professional user interface. Overall, We combined my technical knowledge with a focus on user experience to create a platform that helps people earn extra income in a fun and engaging way.

Meet OCYRUS, which is an innovative view and earn money app which allows you to profit from your screen space. With our earn real money app:

● You control the ads
● You earn a passive income
● You enjoy simple cash out
● You earn more by inviting friends
Now you can continue using your favorite apps while earning extra income!

+ Turn your phone screen into a billboard, and get paid for it.
+ Become a landlord over your pixels.
+ When the ads change every 30 seconds, that’s every 30 seconds you get paid.
+ Make money searching the internet, watching a video, or even playing a game.

+ The more people that are on our view ads and earn app, the less that website will be able to get away with covering half the page in ads.
+ In order to gather as many users as possible we have incorporated the coin system. The coin system allows users to gain coins by inviting friends to download the OCYRUS app. If a user downloads the app and signs up with your OCYRUS CODE, then both of you will receive a coin. Isn’t that one of the easiest ways to earn extra income in free time?
+ DOUBLE EARNINGS coins are worth one day of X2 earnings. Meaning there are more chances to increase your passive income on OCYRUS!
Now it’s time to try one of the earn money highest paying apps where you need to watch ads to earn extra income in free time! Stop wasting time by searching for money apps to earn money!