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100 Websites & Apps To Make MONEY For FREE At Home Online (Working Worldwide 2022) PART 1

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Hey, everyone.

I am going to be revealing 100 different websites and apps that you can use to make money online at home for free.
Yes, that’s right.
Now I know a bunch of you will have heard the saying that in life, nothing is free, but you know what?
That’s saying, it’s wrong.
Because in life there are two things that you can get that are 100% free.
The first thing is my eternal gratitude for taking a moment to give this a comment and subscribe the newsletter for new Online Earning Content like this.
But the second thing that you’re probably much more interested in getting for free is money.
And so that’s why today I have compiled this list of 100 different websites and apps that you can use to earn money online at home or on your phone that has no hidden start-up costs, investment costs, or fees.
And yes, before you ask, many of these websites and apps are working in countries around the world, not just in the USA.
Now because of the fact that we have so many websites and apps to get through on this list,
don’t worry, I’m not going to be doing a big article for each website or app. Instead, I’m going to show you what each one is, and then explain how people like you and I are using it to earn money online absolutely 100% for free. And I highly recommend you
read the entire post because, as you’ll find, there are a huge variety of ways that people are using these websites and apps to earn money. And so even if one website or app on this list
doesn’t interest you, chances are another one will. For example, some people, I know that a website like

Coupon Chief

Credits: facebook

Coupon Chief is exactly what you’re looking for. Registration is free and, once you’re registered, you can submit a coupon to their website. If you’re the first person to reach their coupon, you will get 2% of each sale when somebody uses your coupon and you can get up to $25 per month per coupon. And it’s visited by millions of people every year. And so people do use the coupon submitted on the site to buy things online.
One user on Reddit mentioned that they earned up to $140 a month passively off of the coupons that they’ve previously submitted. For some people watching out there, earning $140 a month on side income for submitting coupons is exactly the sort of hustle that they’re looking for.


Credits: TextBroker

But for others, they’d much prefer website like TextBroker. This is a website where companies like eBay and Staples hire writers to write articles for their website. And guess what, TextBroker allows users from many countries around the world to register and potentially earn a full-time income for writing these articles. You take a writing test and depending on how good a writer you are, ou can earn up to 5 ents a word per article which would mean you’d earn $25 for a 500-word article.


Credit: OneClass

A website like OneClass that pays you $470 to submit your study notes for college classes that you’re already taking and already have to take notes for anyway. And then if you’re after a full-time income gig, you might be more interested in this,

Merch By Amazon

Credit: LeadQuizes

This is a fun creative side gig that’s available to over 100 countries worldwide. It earns many people a full-time income of thousands of dollars every month by creating and selling merch like t-shirts, hoodies, phone cases, and even phone PopSockets. And yes, it is 100% free to make and sell these. So here’s how it works, once you register for Amazon’s Merch program and are accepted, you’d then come in and select which of their merchandise products you’d like to make your own version of and upload either a picture or a slogan that you have created. And as you saw me do there, once you’ve done that, you can then come in and modify the products that you’ve chosen to sell. So I went in and chose which color t-shirts I thought my slogan looked best on and set a product price for it. The higher the product price, the higher the commission you earn. And then after that, as I’ve done here, you create a product page for it which is super simple. You just need to give your merch a title, two descriptive bullet points, and a short description.
And that’s it. Amazon will create a product page listing for it, which Amazon’s customers will be able to find when they’re browsing through the website looking for shirts and gifts. And when someone comes in and buys one of the t-shirts that you’ve created, Amazon will print your design onto a t-shirt in one of their merchandise factories, package it up and ship it out to the customer.
In the industry, we call this a print-on-demand website since shirts are printed on demand as customers buy them. For example, this is a simple word slogan t-shirt design that was uploaded to the Merch By Amazon website app, and it’s selling great. The Amazon sales estimator tool, Jungle Scout, estimates that this shirt made around 1,359 sales in the past month. And in its current price of $19.95, the creator is earning a $5.23 commission on each t-shirt. So in the past month, they’ve made roughly $6,800 passively just from this one t-shirt slogan that they uploaded. And for many people, $6,800 US a month would be more than a full-time income. but have the potential to earn you a full-time income.


Credit: Neevo

And as you’ll see, some of the websites on this list, can potentially earn you hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. Whereas some other websites and apps on this list require a lot less effort and are just good for a bit of extra side money if that’s what you’re after. Such as Neevo by Defined Crowd. So, you know how if you upload a photo to Facebook and it can automatically tag people’s faces?
Well that’s an example of artificial intelligence. Companies that build apps like this need humans to train them. So that’s what Neevo does, it lets companies like Facebook hire people like you or I to do simple AI training tasks like identifying objects or verifying words. Such as this Reddit user here. They speak German and they picked up a gig on there, where they’d listen to a German word and see what translation the AI gave it and rate it as accurate or not. They did this for six hours while watching YouTube videos in the background, and they got paid $180 US for it, which means that they were kind of paid $30 US an hour for just watching YouTube videos. (chuckling)


Credit: userlytics

Userlytics is another website that pays you for completing simple tasks. Big companies like Microsoft need to test their websites to ensure that they’re easy to use. So they hire testers through Userlytics to complete simple tasks, such as locating an About Us page on their website and then providing feedback on whether it was easy to find the About Us page or not. They pay between $5 and $20 per test. It’s often a good idea to sign up for multiple of these websites because they match them to users based on their demographics, such as your age. So you can’t just indefinitely complete tasks.
You can only complete tasks that are assigned and matched to you. So the more websites you sign up to, the more tests that you’ll be given each month.

Usability Hub

Credit; Usability Hub

Usability Hub is another website that offers usability tests like this. And so as this free website here, Loop11. And User Brain is another free website you can sign up to that specializes in short 5 to 15 minute tests. But out of all of these types of websites, probably the most popular of them all is UserTesting as they pay $10 per test which on average takes 20 minutes. So as you can see, you can easily do multiple per hour. When I registered for the site, the first task I was given was to try to locate the opening hours on a museum’s website and give feedback on whether it was difficult to find or not. It was actually kind of interesting and I enjoyed doing it.
I checked on Reddit and saw many people on there are using this to earn hundreds, even thousands of dollars in side money each year from usertesting.com alone. But what if you at home are sitting there thinking, well Sarah, I don’t want side money like this. See the next website.

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